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  • Marian College

    Kuttikanam P.O, Peermade
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    Aluva East, Chunangamvely - 683112, Kerala, India
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    Ernakulam District, Kerala.
  • Bharata Mata Institute of Management

    Sea Port – Air Port Road,
    Kochi – 682021
  • De Paul I M D

    SRM Road, Pachalam
    Ernakulam District, Kerala.
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Lack of opportunities for employment,   among   the   educated   has increased the awareness and importance of Career Guidance, which   is the help   given  to  the  student    community to select job-oriented courses  from the vast ocean of courses, to help them and the jobless community to  join the competitive examinations conducted by U.P.S.C.  the S.S.C. and the like.   Vaguely accepted, widely and secretly practiced, the aim of education seems to be  the getting of  employment   in an organized sector, free from  physical  exertion, heat, dust and  sweat;  and a chain of  privileges  for the minimum work done  and a security for his   employment., but there is stiff   competition  among the educated  unemployed  for berths in   organized sectors  and  those who had planned their career   during their student life  only would succeed   in finding  employment. !

Courses   are  of two types ;The Essential and the Non-essential  .Essential ones are those ,on passing  which, our services are  hired by  the  Government  and the society in general ,  more easily and quickly  than if  we had passed   non-essential  courses .Essential courses  include  any training course  in  Medical,    paramedical ,  nursing , technological ,engineering ,and  professional  fields ;  Society cannot pull on for long without the services of those trained on essential courses ! Think   of a   patient   standing   in a   queue for his turn to see the doctor to unload the account of his ailments!  Courses in the   in the  non-essential  list  may be include   many courses in humanities ,few courses in commerce and still few courses in  science (Academic) fields---  .those of  traditional type/those available in almost all educational  institutions / those  without any work - experience,  mostly.  People trained on   non-essential  courses are   wanted   for employment rarely, while people trained  on essential courses are in demand in job market  .Students undergoing  non-essential  courses  must ,along with their main  study, get  trained in a course of  computer field or  any other course which would give them work-experience. People who can work  are only  wanted   for service---working manually  /on  machines /with brain.

Factors To Be Considered  While Selecting  A Course                      
Unless one knows all the career openings and opportunities, he/she  cannot   make a satisfactory and judicious  selection of a course.  Hence the necessity of   elaborate explanation of    all  job-oriented  courses available after  each  terminal examination. While selecting a course   students   have to  consider  certain practical factors for consideration and they are :


1. Select the so-called difficult  subjects-combination course difficult     for the average  students.   Everybody wants to  the smooth  path. A program  of study  felt difficult  during learning but subdued with patience will fetch employment more easily than  a course of  easy- study.

2. Rare courses have fair  chances  in   employment  market, and so  look for rare courses  taught in rare institutions.

3. Courses newly started fetch job opportunities easily for a few   number of years   to   come.

4. Never   join a course of study in  which   pure academic pursuit  is only  being done  and in case it   happens, then  join a Professional  Examination course or prepare for a competitive  examination of U.P.S.C./ S.S. C.or the like  

5 .While selecting a course of study, preferences must  be given in the following  order :  Medicine /Para-medicine/ Technology/Engineering ,other fields .


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