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  • Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering Technology

    Kalady Ernakulam District,
  • Marian College

    Kuttikanam P.O, Peermade
    Idukki Dist.
  • Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies (BSOLS)

    Aluva East, Chunangamvely - 683112, Kerala, India
  • Toc H Public School

    Vyttila, Kochi - 682 019
    Ernakulam District, Kerala.
  • Bharata Mata Institute of Management

    Sea Port – Air Port Road,
    Kochi – 682021
  • De Paul I M D

    SRM Road, Pachalam
    Ernakulam District, Kerala.
Is writing a blessing, Or is it a curse?

  Or is it a curse?

Can a professional poet make a living?

In the most competitive publications, the top published poems might earnvery little. Even then, that barely covers the cost of writing, editing, and submitting the work in the first place!

Many poetry publications simply pay writers in printed copies of the issues in which our poems appear. A few will pay pennies per word, dimes per line, or even a few dollars for a published poem.

To make matters worse, some publications even charge reading fees. In other words, the poet must pay the editor for the privilege of having him read the poem.


Why bother?

As poets, we write because we cannot help ourselves. A creative twist of phrase will wake us up in the darkest hours of the night. Rubbing sleepy dust out of our eyes, we crawl out of bed and scratch the lines on paper. We may squint at our computer screens and tap out a stanza or two before creeping back under the covers.

Poets must be incredibly prolific to generate income at the craft.

How many poems must a poet pen before a poet can pocket some pennies?

How can a poet make ends meet?

You can choose another profession and make poetry your hobby. The overwhelming majority of poets choose this strategy. Try to select a job that allows you enough scheduling flexibility and intellectual freedom to pursure your creative craft.


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