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The Profession of a Teacher!


 There are professions – vocations – and people surrender themselves wholly to these professions. Undoubtedly, the profession of a teacher is one of them.

even if you want to be a teacher you can’t become a good one. You must be born one. Love for children, an ability to communicate with them, understand and teach them – these are the most important qualities of a genuine teacher. An ability to be a genuine teacher is God’s gift; it’s a talent like the talent of a writer, an artist or a musician. In my point of view it’s even more – it’s fate. I think a teacher is like a sculptor: he moulds a personality out of a child like a sculptor creates a beautiful statue out of clay.

Pedagogy is a very complex and responsible study; probably, no less responsible than medicine. As a patient hands to the doctor the most expensive thing – his life, so parents entrust the teacher with the most valuable creature – their child. And mainly it depends on a teacher what kind of person a child will grow up to be: a genius or a villain. If you have been dreaming of become a teacher since your childhood, it’s not a problem nowadays.

A person who gets  pedagogical training should master a lot of knowledge. But the main thing he should understand is according to what laws and rules the personality of a child develops. The most important of them are love and mercy. Doctors have a rule: “Don’t do harm”. I think teachers must also follow this rule; because there is nothing more valuable than children and it depends on teachers what kind of people the children will become. In my opinion, a teacher is responsible for all his pupils.

 Teacher not only shows the right path that the students should follow but also prepares the human resource for the further development of the nation. According to me Teaching should be made the highest paying job in India to encourage the best brains to join the Teaching profession. For me as a part of society, we give maximum value to Our teachers, which mean the teaching jobs should be the highest paying jobs. So after getting an education of higher level, a student should feel that his first choice should be to be a teacher , a Nation builder because they will feel much more respected, will have a better pay scale, a better life. 

 That means a teacher is more than God and we should respect them that way.But how often do you hear a child today say He /she dreams of being a teacher one day?     

Do you think Teaching as a profession  which is valued as much as it was earlier? If not, what are the reasons behind it?

 Teaching is regarded as one of the noble professions. it is the matter of the respect become a teacher and imapart knowledge but off late the profession has seen lots of ups and downs due to some of the fellow teacher who is more keen to earn money rather than imparting knowledge.

There is no doubt that the teachers are paid very low and they deserve a more than what they get.

The Government should provide more facility and increase the pay scale of the teachers as they are the ones who can make the nation educated and as a result help in curbing the evilsfrom the society.

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